Instructor-Led TrainingInstructor-led training (ILT) is not going away any time soon.  Despite the potential of elearning, there will always be a demand for good classroom training and hands-on labs.  Why?  Because an ILT is often the best way to teach and learn certain kinds of skills.

I believe that ILTs should be more than a PowerPoint bulleted slide presentation.  A good ILT requires the same care in analysis, design, development, and testing that more “modern” delivery media require.  It should be engaging.  It should be an active rather than a passive experience.

A successful ILT ensures that learner performance is improved in a measurable way.  This means that at least 95% of the participants will be able to meet the standards defined in the performance objectives that guide the design of the course.  And most importantly, meeting the performance objectives should result in closing performance gaps to solve the business and organizational needs that are driving the project.

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