ILT Group ActivityJob-task analysis, needs assessment, needs analysis and content analysis all lay the foundation for a successful performance intervention.  Often some of these analyses can be done separately as “Phase 1″ of a multi-phase project.

I have used multiple approaches for analysis that have included individual interviews, observations, document review, questionnaires, and focus groups.  One of my favorite techniques is to facilitate a group of subject matter experts and stakeholders in an extended session to do a thorough analysis while at the same time building consensus and support for the project that will follow. My ultimate approach to analysis is tailored to each client, their organization, and to their specific needs.

I also like to use a technique that I call “triangulation.”  To me, this means that I try to get my information from a variety of sources.  When multiple sources are telling me the same thing, I know that I am coming close to an accurate description of what is going on.

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