Elearning WorkerE-learning courses can be much more than just “page-turners.”  They can be dynamic and engaging. They can reach beyond the computer screen to facilitate rich learning experiences.  Most importantly, if done right, e-learning courses can improve performance of the target audience in a measurably way.  This is the only way organizations can get a return on their investment in e-learning.

How do I make it happen?

I do it thorough analysis.  I create and test paper prototypes before investing a lot of time and effort into the programming.  I also create and test initial electronic prototypes.  Once I know that we have an effective and viable design, then I program and test the beta versions.  We’re not finished yet.  Next we need to test the revisions before we launch the final product.

This may seem like a long and involved process.  However, by utilizing rapid, yet effective validation and testing techniques, I am able to do all of this quite quickly.  Overall, my entire development process tends to require less time than other approaches that save the evaluation for last.

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